Big O notation: — Order of (notation)

A way to define how much time and data a certain code takes

Visual Example:

Why does this method exist?

Because it gives us a simple function of time versus iteration.

Pros: a simple function that describe the efficiency of code. Cons: little hard to create and understand. The use of this method comes handy when creating big data analysis projects, that the efficiency is a main thing.

Time Complexity of big O:

How does it works?

O(n), is like f(x) when O stand for order of, and n is the length of the input for a given function. When calculating big O we need to look at the operation to measure and determent those things:

TIP: there is one more use of big O in terms of calculating the efficiency of a program. You can use big O to calculate the memory usage of a program. It’s works just like the time efficiency, but n is consider use of storing data while the program is running.

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